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Chinese International Film Festival – held in Portugal, original title: Chinese held Portuguese film exhibition Xinhua Beijing October 9th news (reporter Bai Ying) "Chinese? Portuguese film exhibition" held in Beijing from October 9th to 30, and Changsha. The 24 Portuguese film screenings, including the Golden Bear Award nominated film "war letter", Portugal new film pioneer works "Lisbon love" and the special planning activities at sea "silent music Maria" etc.. This festival jointly organized by the State Press and Publication Administration China Film Bureau, Portugal film administration, Chinese film archive, Xiaoxiang film group, Portuguese film archive. According to the State Press and Publication Administration of Chinese film director Zhang Hongsen introduced, "China? Portuguese Film Festival Exhibition" is based on the mutual agreement between China and Portugal concerning an organized. Last September, the United China Film Archive Xiaoxiang film group held a "Portuguese Lisbon in Portugal? China film exhibition", taken in different period China 32 films in Lisbon two theaters for a month in two rounds of screening. A year later, "Chinese? Portuguese movie show" who went to Beijing and Changsha. According to the Secretary of the Portuguese administration Philo Mena Sellars movie?? Parreira, this festival is divided into Portuguese film master Manuel?? Oliveira Memorial, classic review, contemporary new three units, 24 films will be screened at the Beijing Film Archive China Art Theater and Changsha international cinema Madian, Xiaoxiang day, Dong Tang shop Appollo shop. (commissioning editor: Wang Ying (Intern), Liu Jieyan)相关的主题文章:

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