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Nicholas Tse Michelle Yeoh Kenya tribes balloon Michelle Yeoh sent the "first time" – Beijing, Beijing, September 17, by the Zhejiang satellite TV, the king (Beijing) movie level variety "under the blue sky and delicacy culture media CO produced the twelve Feng taste 3" second period of this upcoming Saturday. Show Nicholas Tse in the giraffe restaurant were a casual visitor to "French kiss", he also encountered Michelle Yeoh still suffering from the shock in the balloon gave the "first", and Feng restaurant also ushered in a mysterious guest playfully. Nicholas Tse was a casual visitor kissing balloon Michelle Yeoh offered the "first time" in order to explore the inspiration for Nicholas Tse Michelle Yeoh came to the delicacy, the birthplace of human African delicacy culture. In this piece of land of wildness, Nicholas Tse Michelle Yeoh’s experience is also quite offbeat, actually have a casual visitor successfully kissing Nicholas Tse. At breakfast time, a giraffe baby will head into the window, began to make no reply plate Michelle Yeoh Nicholas Tse snatch. The surprise to see giraffe extremely, it is also a taste of Nicholas Tse Michelle Yeoh Chongni, soon after the breakfast all for giraffe. The Chinese have been swept empty eyes to read the tape, the gluttonous Giraffe Baby at Nicholas Tse, a "kissing" directly eaten Xie chef food in, leaving Nicholas Tse shocked Michelle Yeoh and clap. Although giraffe suffered a "bully" friend, but Michelle Yeoh Nicholas Tse as the best partner in Africa travel. As a UN goodwill ambassador. She loved the wild animal, all the way to provide a lot of help for Nicholas Tse. In the hot air balloon, she gave Nicholas Tse a cup of brewed coffee, but also said, this is the first time I cook coffee for others". Magnificent beauty with friends, Nicholas Tse’s trip to Africa is unforgettable. Mnjikaning Zuanmuquhuo popcorn diushou Juan playing with the boys as few on earth only remains one of the original food culture tribe, the Masai tribe of Kenya is Nicholas Tse Michelle Yeoh’s pilgrimage to. Masai tribe is not farming, only enjoy the nature of the custom of food to attract two people to come here to find food inspiration. In the Masai tribe, to experience the local life when Nicholas Tse offered to try Zuanmuquhuo, although Michelle Yeoh and two failures, but through unremitting efforts to thank chef wood or take out a small fire. The excitement he took out the "secret weapon" corn made a perfect popcorn for the local children, two were first distributed to the children, finally themselves eat awfully. Have a fun two more and get out of hand, the local children play the game lost handkerchief. Originally thought that Nicholas Tse Michelle Yeoh two "play" will win friends too small a piece of cake, but it seems that all kids are born Scud, two large coffee only catching up to the exposure of the stills well-matched in strength, we race each other into a laugh, it seems that Nicholas Tse Michelle Yeoh is tired and happy trip to africa. Xie Xian surprise appearance male god father playfully shows a father and son near the Mid Autumn Festival family reunion, "Feng restaurant" also ushered in a mystery guest, Xie Xian..相关的主题文章:

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