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Red net express brother had a monthly income of 30 thousand and 31 times one of mortgage arrears sued Sohu news 16, one brother in the street delivery courier. He lost his right hand, enter the express industry he single handedly brought fifty or sixty pounds of goods, a day 400 express delivery, once in the "double eleven" during the monthly income of 30 thousand yuan…… Last year’s double eleven, one brother Zhong Guiping express by the media after the popular network. This year, he was injured due to the left hand tendon, resigned from the courier work, to take delivery of a delivery platform (this newspaper reported in November 11th). But now, he was accused of problems because of the credit to the court. In November 16th, Zhong Guiping took out a piece of paper according to a civil complaint, he bought a house in the 3 years before the loan. In May this year, he "because of injuries that affected the normal work, for several months did not timely repayment, the bank sued to the court, requesting the court to order the bank has the right to dispose of collateral and priority. In August 9th, Zhong Guiping to pay the mortgage arrears. However, the bank did not give up the prosecution. In November 15th, the case scheduled hearing, the judge did not in court for sentencing. Now, the most disturbing thing about Zhong Guiping is that the house might be auctioned. After 3 consecutive period of mortgage repayment arrears 16 days, Chengdu Chenghua District Wende, 42 year old Zhong Guiping riding a cable car, came to the area in their own downstairs. Looking at the 2 floor window, he said, "before the ignorance of the law, did not expect the extended repayment will bring so much trouble." Zhong Guiping said that in 2013, he signed with a bank in Chengdu, personal housing loan guarantee contract, the loan to buy a set of more than and 70 square meters of housing in the area of housing two. Subsequently, he spent 30 thousand yuan to ask people to do the paperback. From the beginning of April that year, he has to pay 2900 yuan monthly loan to the bank. This year, his monthly repayment amount was transferred to more than 2600 yuan. Zhong Guiping said that in October last year, he was injured in the delivery of goods. The ensuing eleven send double peak, he was not willing to leave, resulting in serious injury changed hands, "then, hand pain, lift weights. Due to reduced income, not timely mortgage." Because Zhong Guiping 3 consecutive mortgage arrears, in May, the bank will be sued to court Zhong Guiping couple. Repayment of 4 months after the overdue mortgage in November 15th, the bank sued the case of a couple of cases in Jinjiang court Zhong Guiping. In a paper dated May 23rd, with fresh bank chapter of the civil complaint, the reporter saw, the bank claimed that, as of April 27th, Zhong Guiping owed 3 loan outstanding, the breach of contract. To prevent and resolve the credit risk, maintain financial stability and security, the bank sued to the court to order the return of the remaining clock: Guiping couple 368700 yuan loan principal and interest, interest, interest 5961 yuan, ordered the bank has the right to dispose of the collateral and priority, the priority of compensation for damages scope of loan principal and interest penalty, compound interest, liquidated damages. "What worries me most is that my house will be auctioned off." Zhong Guiping said that once the house, the family will be affected. Regret law相关的主题文章:

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