The Chengdu version of King Bobbi corridor mixun preparing for the Poland World Championships (map) 瀬名アスカ

The Chengdu version of "King Bobbi" corridor mixun preparing for the Poland World Championships (Figure) Wei Danni in the bedroom corridor to the glass door practice match action other Sichuan Normal University dormitory quiet corridor, came "gedeng gedeng" high heels crisp sound, the face of a tender, long hair, wearing a vest and shorts the girls. A vigorous walking back and forth in the channel, when she went to the gallery at the end of the glass door stood on the bottom, side stretch posture, instant body strength and beauty of the muscles and body shape are S lines reveal the most incisive, corridor on both sides of the dormitory students head out from time to time to see. She is Sichuan Normal University sports training research three students Wei Danni. Wei Danni, 24 years old, was called "King Kong Bobbi" in Chengdu by his classmates. He was known as the champion of the women’s body shape model above 165 centimeters in the forty-seventh Asian Bodybuilding Championships in 2013. In November this year, the world Bodybuilding Championships kicks off in Poland, this is the fifth time Wei Danni was elected to the national fitness training team played on behalf of Chinese. This time she will compete in bikini fitness competition. There are 9 women players representing China in this competition, including 4 in Chengdu and 3 in Chengdu University (micro-blog). From the competition experience and competition results, Wei Danni is the most prominent. Chengdu Daily reporter Wang Xiao photo reporter editor note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand reading, "King Kong Bobbi" private photo exposure, two muscles, I am stronger than men

成都版“金刚芭比”楼道密训 备战波兰世锦赛(图)魏丹妮在寝室外的走廊上对着玻璃门练习比赛动作造型四川师范大学宿舍安静的楼道里,传来“咯噔咯噔”清脆高跟鞋声,一位面容娇俏,长发披肩,身穿运动背心和短裤的女生,步伐矫健地在通道里来回走动,当她走到长廊尽头的玻璃门前便摆出翘臀、侧身拉伸等姿势,霎时全身力与美的肌肉和身体S形线条被展现得淋漓尽致,走廊两侧的寝室不时有同学探头出来观望。她就是四川师范大学运动训练专业研三学生魏丹妮。24岁的魏丹妮被同学称作成都版“金刚芭比”,在2013年获得第47届亚洲健美健身锦标赛女子形体模特165公分以上组冠军而被人熟知。今年11月世界健美健身锦标赛将在波兰拉开战幕,这也是魏丹妮第5次被选入国家健美健身集训队代表中国出战。此次她将参加比基尼健身比赛的角逐。代表中国参加本次比赛共有9名女选手,其中成都就有4位,另外3人来自成都大学(微博)。从参赛经历和比赛成绩来看,魏丹妮最为突出。成都商报记者 王效 摄影报道编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 “金刚芭比”私照大曝光 二头肌我比男人强相关的主题文章:

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