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The oldest old 111 birthday eat no taboo to eat jelly original title: Wuhan oldest old 111 birthday she eat no taboo love to eat jelly newspaper news (reporter correspondent Fang Peikelin Ke aesthetics) yesterday, the city’s oldest old pan first ushered in the birthday of 111. The person said, she eat no taboo. Pan Xian women living in Qingshan District, Wuhan East ship machine community. Yesterday, everyone was happy for her birthday, she was very happy. The staff of Wu Dong Street and ship machine community came to pan Xian’s mother’s home, and they gave a beautiful scarf to the old as a birthday gift and made dumplings together. The old man was born in Huangpi, born in 1905, has 4 children, and the youngest daughter is 70 years old. Although 111 years old, but Pan Taipo language is clear, not only can do housework, but also can walk with tools. Granddaughter Xia Cuilan said, the elderly diet no taboo, cold drink, eat sweet are all right. Like a child, she likes to drink yogurt, yogurt, and she likes to eat jelly. Usually, she also likes to eat steamed pork with rice flour, silk, bean cake, "particularly every two or three days to drink, pig’s trotters soup". 27 years ago, after a serious illness, pan mother-in-law has been healthy, did not have a serious illness. Wu Jinyu, a doctor at the community health service center of Wuhan East Street, said that the blood pressure of the old people was normal, and it was very rare for the elderly people of such a big age to have normal blood pressure. Finally, Pan Xian’s old man blew his 111 year old birthday candle and shared the cake with everyone after he made a wish. The old man said, "everybody was happy for her birthday," she said. Editor in chief: Zhao Jiaming SN146

武汉最长寿老人过111岁生日 食无禁忌爱吃果冻   原标题:武汉最长寿老人过111岁生日 她食无禁忌喜欢吃果冻   本报讯(记者柯美学 通讯员方培 柯霖)昨天,全市最长寿老人潘先迎来111岁生日。这位寿星透露,她食无禁忌。   潘先太婆家住青山区武东街船机社区。昨天,大家为太婆过生日,她格外高兴。   武东街和船机社区的工作人员,来到潘先太婆家中,大家为老人送上一条精美的围巾作为生日礼物,并一起包饺子。   老人祖籍黄陂,生于1905年,有4个儿女,最小的女儿也已70岁。虽然已经111岁高龄,可是潘太婆语言清晰,不仅能料理日常家务,还能借助工具行走。   外孙女夏翠兰说,老人的饮食无所禁忌,喝冷的、吃甜的都没事儿。她像小孩一样,喜欢喝优酸乳、酸奶等,还喜欢吃果冻。平时,她还喜好吃粉蒸肉、豆丝、糍粑,“三天两头要喝汤,尤其钟爱猪蹄汤”。   27年前生过一场大病后,潘婆婆至今身体健康,没得过大病。   武东街社区卫生服务中心医生吴金玉为老人量完血压后说,老人的血压正常,像这么大年龄的老人家血压这么正常是很少见的。   最后,潘先老人在许下心愿后吹灭了111岁的生日蜡烛,并和大家一起分享了蛋糕。老人说,大家为她过生日,她由衷地高兴。 责任编辑:赵家明 SN146相关的主题文章:

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