Be at the end of one’s forbearance! The shepherd dyed all 800 goats in orange

Be at the end of one’s forbearance! The shepherds had 800 sheep all dyed orange anti stealing sheep Beijing September Beijing – in 29, according to foreign media reports, a British shepherd Simpson (Pip Simpson) in the past 4 years, stolen 300 sheep, outraged, he finally put 800 sheep all dyed orange. Let them not dare to steal the sheep sheep stealing arrogant. Reported that Cumbria is located in the United Kingdom (Cumbria) Simpson, in order to let others see that this is his sheep, so all the sheep have orange dye injection, we can clearly see a far orange sheep. Photos can be seen, in addition to the face of the sheep and four, the other have been stained, but Simpson stressed that these dyes do not have any chemical composition, does not affect the health of sheep. Simpson hopes to reduce the rate of theft, because the local stolen sheep rampant, and then stolen down, the loss is not small. Farmers'(National), a farm owner in a remote area of North America, suffered a loss of $4 million last year, according to a report by the National Union of farmers. Cumbria also admitted that recently the sheep really serious than before.相关的主题文章:

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