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Victoria Secret Supermodel try exposure spy who robbed the clothes lead cousin from the 2016 Vitoria secret: the show started getting closer, today we will look at early exposure of the supermodel fitting of spy photos, look after the discovery of "original plan" to suit Liu Wen gave her? Victoria Secret Supermodel try exposure spy who robbed the clothes in Paris Vitoria dimensional cousin’s secret secret from the 2016 Vitoria secret show began getting closer, this date has been confirmed, we eat melon masses wait for November 30th wonderful show. In previous reports, we announced the six major themes of the big show and 52 upcoming supermodel. Red net and angels gathered this year Victoria Secret Supermodel lineup announced 52 list this year to Paris Victoria Secret The Grand Palace 818 Victoria Secret Supermodel try spy exposure prior to People said there will be 82 sets of costumes this year, 43 pairs of wings. But everything is finally presented as the standard, below we have a look up to now has been exposed try Victoria’s Secret spy. After 90 angels wearing Fantasy Bra first exposure is this year’s Fantasy Bra, worth $3 million of this underwear is the new angel Jasmine Tookes dress. Bella Hadid for the first time appeared to have a pair of wings Bella-Hadid then look at the net red supermodel Bella Hadid, this is the first time she appeared in the Victoria’s secret show, it is her above fitting in the Bright Night Angel theme spy! We can see the first show on Bella Hadid have a pair of wings through the picture, the external underwear embedded with solid nail bead hem blouse perspective, feathers and wings behind echoes, but behind this a little amount of feathers worrying ah, and another one is the Secret Angel theme. Who robbed the dress with red net cousin supermodel after we want to talk about is our cousin who robbed the clothes? Why do you say that, for the following reasons. The spirit of Liu Wen earlier Victoria Secret exposure of a The Road Ahead theme series of drawings, and there have been reports in which there will be a lot of Chinese elements, the fact is that we can see from the drawing in China Liling and China junction, which gave China Victoria Secret fans look forward to, because this time we have four girls will be unveiled. From the drawing model of the face, fans guessing the suit will be put on nine out of ten cousin Liu Wen, you don’t really have a bit likeness. The-Road-Ahead theme Lais-Ribeiro test can be realistic and not the fans want to do so, this set of Chinese style Bra Lais Ribeiro dress. Although not be able to be dressed in Chinese models, but can be seen on the stage of Victoria’s Chinese wind is also good. Lais-Ribeiro Bra is a British supermodel Naomi C in 2003.相关的主题文章:

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