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Encounter the famous "world of Warcraft" Blizzard can model the darling PW force in mid March, "World of Warcraft" famous PW N service issued a statement, said that if Blizzard announced Warcraft vintage clothing does not progress in this year’s Carnival, they will consider the revival and PW, moved to a server in Russia, Blizzard did not want to turn way. Today Blizzard official responded on the matter, saying that after the carnival will give an account of nostalgia. World of Warcraft Community Manager Ornyx: we have heard a lot about the topic of the costume, we will have more new content in the carnival this year. What I want to tell you here is that we are still under discussion about the feasibility of the costume, so we won’t have any more content to tell you before the carnival. In the past few months we have been busy with the release of "the second coming" and preparing for the 7.1 Legion patch "back to Cara Chan", and of course our annual drama BlizzCon 2016. I believe we all know that we once said, "the second coming" release is just the Legion we want to start telling this story, and we also have the content to tell you the official in the next showing what a new content – I have been eager to share with you the story of "subsequent Legion return" the will in this year’s blizzcon. Thank you for your patience! – "World of Warcraft" production director J.Allen Brack and the entire development team from. Earlier there was news that the World of Warcraft team N service has been invited by Blizzard, and the consultation on the issue of nostalgia service. But since then there will be no news, at present, the "World of Warcraft" retro clothes can be turned on again heavy fog. World of Warcraft N service, is the French Nostalrius server, is a widely recognized public service nature of the old version of World of Warcraft. N take off before taking it with an amazing 150 thousand active game player, 800 thousand registered users, as a pseudo official server a game player development, N is undoubtedly one of the most successful, in front of the World of Warcraft wither away game player groups, N. But to have brought a lot of game player past memories and memory, but because of the existence of illegal, and ultimately can not escape the fate of related services. The N server was shut down in the middle of the year against blizzard, but this thing has touched the nerves of many old game player, have missed at first into the "good old days" World of Warcraft, jointly to blizzard "petition" calls for the creation of the classic retro server. Former World of Warcraft team executives also came to the plug, said it would take practical action to support the petition. Today, the petition on the player’s signature has reached nearly 300 thousand, although Blizzard finally said to see the enthusiasm of the players on the retro suit, but did not disclose whether it will really open official nostalgia. Often mention PW, people first image is of a powerful and unconstrained style setting. Unlike orthodox game Sifu server, in addition to the game model, it is not the basic rules of the game what restrictions, in which the game player can basically do whatever they want, equipment, grade and other factors are;相关的主题文章:

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