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Experts uncover the story behind   daigoji temple fair; or more Japanese treasures debut Xi’an – Shaanxi channel: original title: experts expose daigoji Temple story behind the exhibition or more Japanese treasures debut Xi’an "fine Dongdu — Japanese daigoji Temple Treasures Exhibition on display one thousand years ago paper relics, records of the master of the sea and air to the emperor Saga (786-842) with the content of fox brush. Konghai to the Tang Dynasty pen technology was introduced to Japan, based on the knowledge and experience of the Tang learning, asked pen wells according to the real Qingchuan craftsman Osaka, running script, cursive script, writing a Book (from body) of four books each made a brush, in June 7th 812 in Mukden emperor. With the "fine East — Japanese daigoji Temple Treasures Exhibition", Shaanxi History Museum held a number of lectures, is behind the public a better understanding of cultural relics of the story. A period of nearly two months of the Shaanxi Museum of history "– Japan Fine Dongdu daigoji Temple Treasures Exhibition", recently successfully dropped. If the time back to two years ago, I am afraid not many people will expect the daigoji temple to Xi’an cultural relics exhibition. Because of these cultural relics in Japan is regarded as the treasure, only exit exhibited once, when many museums in the world are invited to exhibit eat cold-shoulder treatment. In July 27th after the opening ceremony, Shaanxi cultural leaders and Buddhist culture as well as many scholars, college students are very happy, hope to make persistent efforts, the diamond peak temple relics are introduced into the Xi’an exhibition. Japan Koyasan diamond peak temple is the first temple in Changan from the sea after returning is founded, the ancestral home of the Japanese Shingon, a collection of a large number of precious cultural relics. But the Shaanxi History Museum minister Dong Li admitted that the operation of diamond peak temple relics on display over the difficulty is bigger than the daigoji temple, but has been put on the agenda, may soon be sent to the Japanese side and contact. The innovation daigoji Temple relics exhibition settled Dong Li is the operation of daigoji Temple relics to Xi’an exhibition important participants. According to him, the introduction of the plan at the beginning of the nail. Because of these precious cultural relics of the institution is a temple, but also the famous world heritage cultural relics, on the one hand, there is a very demanding, on the other hand, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the two countries, the museum also not a temple and signing of the contract. Finally we take a flexible way to entrust lent, first commissioned by the National Museum of Tokyo and the daigoji Temple negotiate loan exhibition, settled after we and the National Museum of Tokyo on this, right and proper." Dong Li said. Thanks to "the 103rd generation of the temple main Zhong Tian and archmages of efforts, he has on several occasions passionately said, will be brought to the temple treasure hidden daigoji Temple origin of the Xi’an exhibition, was his lifelong wish. It is because of his prestige and adhere to the Japanese Ministry of education, let loose mouth, agree with this batch of cultural relics second overseas exhibition. In person at the Shanxi Museum Visiting the "fine Dongdu — Japanese daigoji Temple Treasures Exhibition", Nakada Junwa magus to express their joy at the end of the long cherished wish, also affirmed the Chinese work, especially the Shaanxi History Museum Exhibit work, hope that after returning to follow this into)相关的主题文章:

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