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Audi A6L e-tron to be a quiet man Phoenix car · immediately forestalls to try to harness the Guangzhou auto show, Audi will bring what car for us? In fact, watching the latest news of friends will know that this car is Audi A6L e-tron, Audi’s first domestic plug-in hybrid cars, I was lucky enough to drive the vehicle in the early show on the eve, what about it? Before we start, let’s talk about who A6L e-tron is. First of all we must know that this is a Sino German joint research and development, and only for the special vehicle market China. It is common to create A6L based on full power can use pure electric driving 50 kilometers, the engine compartment has a 2 liter turbocharged direct injection engine and an electric motor, the power they produce by a 8 speed automatic transmission is transmitted to the wheels, a power driven, A6L e-tron 100 km comprehensive the fuel consumption can be reduced to 2.3 liters. How to judge this is a A6L e-tron? Although A6L had little difference in appearance and the gasoline version, but there are still some details with special design, the first is daytime driving lights in a thin fog, multi scroll lamp with e-tron models significantly increases the sense of science and technology, of course, the new matrix LED headlamps also hold "lamp factory" honor. That is to say in normal driving, the next two days for the Lantern Festival Lights at the same time. The side of the body is symmetrically distributed with the gas port and the charging port. The difference lies in the lower right corner of the "40 e-tron" chrome plate and a redesigned tail exhaust, in addition, other places are exactly the same with the petrol version. From the interior point of view? Engine tachometer instrument within the smaller, replaced by a representative of the power output of the power meter, in addition to a pure electric vehicle used to switch the "EV" button, the rest are no different from the gasoline version, really, if you don’t watch carefully, just don’t see it. Configuration is very high, right? That’s pretty high! In fact, almost all commonly used functions have been included, including four zone automatic air conditioning, heating and ventilation, front and rear seat panoramic sunroof, support CarPlay MMI system with memory function, the front electric adjustable seats, rear entertainment control system, rear seat massage, electrically adjustable steering wheel, refrigerating and heating cup holder, automatic parking and panoramic at the same time, image and so on, through the built-in map can search near the charging pile, the surprise is that night vision function, obstacles can make you particularly bad in some light to see the front road, which is to make the night driving safer. Is there a big gap between the storage space and the gasoline version? At least from the car within the storage space, and gasoline version no difference, but if from the luggage compartment, there are still some differences, because the additional battery pack is encroached on a branch of the trunk space, so how to put all the luggage inside, maybe it will become a the problem. How about it? As we all know, the domestic traffic situation is getting worse, take Beijing as an example, a few traffic jams.相关的主题文章:

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