Jiangsu provincial government issued an urgent notice to catch disaster in wegener肉芽肿

Jiangsu provincial government issued an emergency notice: all 28 days rush rush in the harvest of disaster, the provincial government office issued the "emergency circular" on earnestly autumn harvesting and planting work, requiring all localities and relevant departments to earnestly carry out the work to win the autumn harvest species, autumn harvest. The "Circular" pointed out that since late October, the province suffered continuous rain and the history of a rare, extreme rainfall reached since 1961 over the same period, greatly affected the grain quality and harvest period. According to the weather forecast, the next few days, I still rainy weather, the autumn harvest species severe situation. Various departments across the province to the deployment of emergency arrangements, extensive propaganda, mobilization and organization of rural cadres and masses, all the disaster determined to win the rush in the harvest to plant crops, autumn harvest species battle. To seize the rainfall gap and the weather clears the favorable opportunity, organization of rural labor and farm machinery, water and remove the field, and actively carry out agricultural operations services, comprehensive rush in the harvest of rice. The field lodging or soil humidity, to organize the crawler harvester, the man-machine combination, rush in to grab off, to speed up the progress of the harvest. The harvest field, as soon as possible to reduce stains, ditching and drying, to ensure proper seeding. The autumn harvest, to improve the quality of drying, drying time, to harvest the results of hand. In the full grasp of the work at the same time, to organize farmers to seize the fine weather, timely Tengcha soil preparation, sowing grab to plant crops, and vigorously promote the crop in direct seeding and interplanting technology, and strive to sowing. Plots of the delay of sowing date should be appropriate to increase the amount of seeding. The field have been planted, according to different sowing and planting technology, strengthen guidance, implement the ditch cleaning and moisture, scientific fertilizer and key technical measures before winter phytocide, strengthen field management, implementation of seedling overwintering, tamp agriculture next year. This year autumn acquisitions faces market prices fall, capacity shortage, rice quality decreased and many other difficulties, the "notice" requirements, all localities and departments should attach great importance to the implementation of good storage capacity and the acquisition of funds, the full implementation of the price of rice acquisition policy, not xianshou rejected, not forced down, did not play the "white", the peasants’ demands the sale of autumn full acquisition, and gives a reasonable price, and earnestly safeguard the interests of farmers.相关的主题文章:

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