Dunhuang’s first public display treasures of Shanghai 嘿嘿taxi

Dunhuang’s first public display treasures Shanghai (reporter Chen Jing) East China Normal University 8 disclosure, the north campus library is being held at the cultural exhibition, Dunhuang treasures collections two papers on public display for the first time: a seventh Century Tang "Mahaparinirvana Scripture sixth", a time for the late Tang "Lotus Sutra, volume third". Two East China Normal University library Dunhuang treasures papers on public display for the first time. Qian Ye photo school told reporters in March this year, the former has been selected for the fifth batch of "national precious ancient books", the latter is selected for the fourth batch of Shanghai precious ancient books. This is the first time on campus. The cultural exhibition is one of the East China Normal University’s "discovery of Dunhuang" in the library. East China Normal University Library Curator Hu Xiaoming said the same day, Dunhuang in twentieth Century is significant, because of the proposed The Belt and Road "initiative in this century has become a new cultural landmark in the world. The theme of Dunhuang library collection is rich, the collection of more than 2000 kinds of books, but also in possession of precious Tang papers volume two. East China Normal University School Party Secretary professor Tong Shijun told reporters, although there are a lot of information about Dunhuang and the picture online, even VR technology can make people in the virtual space to visit Dunhuang, but these are no substitute for cultural relics and works directly with the feeling. He said, thanks to the reception of Saint John University, summer university, Guanghua university the three predecessor school books and ancient heritage, the liberation of the people’s Government under the school, East China Normal University has abundant research data in Dunhuang, East China Normal University Scholars in Dunhuang research field has made impressive achievements. Dunhuang’s treasures attracted many viewers, scholars is explaining the secret. According to Dai Qi, East China Normal University has a number of outstanding scholars and alumni of Dunhuang school research, development and made a contribution. East China Normal University Department of Chinese taught Mr. Shi Zhecun, former director of the Institute of ancient books of East China Normal University professor Xu Zhene, Professor Wo Xinghua has taught history department, East China Normal University Department of fine arts, Associate Professor Department of Chinese Huang two Professor, Department of history, East China Normal University Alumni Mr. Xu Wenkan, Professor of the Ruan Rongchun Art Institute, Professor Zhang Tongbiao, Professor Zhang Jing, Zhu Hu teacher, in Dunhuang to learn language, calligraphy, literature, art and other different fields, have achieved fruitful results.相关的主题文章:

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