Adoption of animals also have to sign a commitment to life does not abandon, do not give up 瀬名アスカ

Animal adoption must sign a contract commitment is not abandoned, do not give up according to the introduction, to achieve the commitment is not easy to master and the dog "three". In the "knowledge test", the master must first estimate the dog eat dog food, love what love what love snacks, what to drink, and then give the dog in the food and beverage pick out their love, to see whether the high degree of agreement, in addition to the degree of understanding with the settings "and" intimate photo shoot "etc.. Through the adoption of the test have said that when he took the hands of the organizers of the event solemnly received a certificate of intimacy, the mood is very excited and happy. However, the Adoption Day activities to a climax is handsome beautiful models and Chinese pastoral dogs show. "This is one of the most important parts of our event." Event organizers responsible person Carlson with a reporter to see as a model of several Chinese pastoral dogs, these are to be adopted dog, they are cool." When these usually everyone seems very ordinary humble "dog" in the T stage show, a little soil. "Carlson" told reporters, for a long time, the dog dog adoption in other varieties more, but Chinese pastoral dogs are often left too ordinary, but in the event, I found a lot of people who love dogs come to consult how to adopt Chinese pastoral dogs, which makes me very touched."相关的主题文章:

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