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family education | parent-child picture book tasting "teeth" hand children is a matter of parents extra attention, many children in kindergarten classes have already started growing phenomenon. Parents will also specifically asked the teacher if the child’s teeth fall, be sure to tell him, and some will bring their children to the teeth. As a result, parents for their children for attention. We used to say "teeth" is a popular saying, in medicine called deciduous teeth". The children started growing age at about age 6. The restoration is divided into two: one is "exuviation", which is slowly loosening teeth until fall off. The second process is "permanent, it is adorable" with a permanent teeth fall off, followed one by one adorable out. The whole process of teeth replacement lasted about 6 years, is also the child grows to about 12 years old, the whole process of permanent teeth ended. Need to pay attention to during the teething things: growth of 1 note and permanent teeth regularly go to the dentist, so that solve the problem as soon as possible. If found to have permanent teeth grow teeth beside, but deciduous teeth did not fall off, forming a double tooth, then the parents to bring the child to the hospital as soon as possible removal of deciduous teeth. In addition, if the gap is too large, maxillary incisor teeth deformity from the upper incisors grow, position one of the teeth grow from the abnormal position, indicating that there may be a place for much longer teeth, need to go to the hospital. 2 every day to urge the children to brush teeth sooner or later, to prevent dental caries. Children brush their teeth using toothpaste and toothbrush for children, the right way to brush, time is about two minutes to three minutes. In addition to brushing their teeth, every time the child finished eating the best mouthwash to maintain oral hygiene. 3 permanent teeth should eat hard food, some parents think they eat children permanent teeth fine, soft food can protect the teeth of new adorable. However, if the lack of light to eat soft food, chew food stimulation, but will affect the jaw growth, resulting in a "placeholder", deciduous teeth grow permanent teeth to force from the side of the tongue or labial teeth, the formation of "double teeth". So the child teething period to eat a high fiber, a certain hardness of food, such as beef, carrots, celery, corn, occasionally eat jellyfish, peanuts, beans and other spicy chewy food. Do not cut into small pieces of fruit such as apples and Li, you should let the whole child bite to eat, so that the development of the jaw is good. 4 timely correct the child’s bad habits such as biting tongue tongue, biting my finger or pencil, licking teeth, these bad habits will affect the child’s teeth growth, leading to tooth deformation. 5 to protect the age of about 6 years out of the first permanent teeth because of the new eruption of tooth surface calcification, acid resistance, easy to caries. The new year after the eruption of permanent molars parents should take the children to the hospital to do a nest ditch closed, pre painting相关的主题文章:

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