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Arts-and-Entertainment EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO COMPANY INDIA share with you About Is Your Online Marketing Plan Local Enough ? If you are a local business looking to strengthen the online marketing campaign, the below strategies will take you ahead of your rivals in your region by bringing more visibility to your business in local search market- Website optimization for local search- By making some minor changes, you can optimize your website to make it apt for local search- (1) Make sure to place your local street address and phone number on every page of your website. As search engines can’t read images, therefore, you should make sure that your address and phone number are in text format. (2) You should also create ‘about us’ page and includes your business photo, contact address, email address. (3) If your business is covering more than one location then you should create a page on your website for each location. Claim your listings on google and yahoo- Don’t forget to claim your listing on google, yahoo, etc. (1) To claim Google listing- To claim a google listing, you are required to sign into your google account. Then you can search for your listing on google maps. However, if you can’t find a listing then you may be required to create the one from scratch on google places. Once you have created it then you may be needed to claim it. You can include as many as information you want in your profile like photos, videos, etc. (2) To claim Yahoo places listing- To claim a yahoo listing, you are needed to sign into your yahoo account and then search for your listing on yahoo local. If there is no listing then you can create an enhanced listing. These listings are useful in attracting more clicks in search results. Google maps optimization- Google Maps has emerged out as a vital traffic source for local businesses. It is important to rank well here as it is often the first thing which a searcher sees. If your website ranks well both in organic search (the main results) and maps search then it means it is getting maximum exposure from potential customers. Claim or create your listing on top local search directories- It is possible to create more local references to your website by submitting in additional local search directories like yelp, yellow pages, citysearch, insider pages, etc. Make your twitter campaign for local audience- Harness the strengths of twitter to make your local business flourish. Here are some great ideas to start- (1) Advanced twitter search- With this help, you can easily find such people who tweet about an industry or services in which you are interested. So, if you are plumber and someone tweets, ‘Is there a plumber who can repair my water tap?’ then you can easily land on the right page. Use facebook to find customers- Apart from promoting your facebook page through advertisement or your own personal profile, you can use it as your fan page and comment on other pages. Instead of direct commenting on your competitor’s website, you can comment on pages that are liked by your target local customers. Always ready to face your critics- Your twitter and facebook pages are open to public response. But never afraid of this and use it as a chance to defend yourself. A customer can avoid your product/service and tell their friends that they have bad experience and you may never know. But if they will post their comments on your facebook wall then you will get the right platform to respond to them. Every business has its good and bad memories. It’s the way how you respond to your criticism that will help your business in the long run. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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