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3 "Guo Degang sighed" laughing hard Song Dandan scene tears Sina entertainment news this Sunday night, Oriental TV "The Legendary Swordsman" usher in a rematch third. "Devon Almighty king" Zhang Helun, Lang Heyan, Poland "day pantomime group", "confused wife" Wang Xiaofu, Wang Dandan, "the satire day group" Jia Bing, Xie Lujing, Wang Qing, Zhang Hongshuang, Pocket Monster Fanmiao Meng, a group of players will compete for the finals. Close to the final, only five sets of "comedian" emotional apprehension, observers also feel an upsurge of ups and downs. The scene, Song Dandan touched by the show [micro-blog], conceal his grief for mother tears. Guo Degang [micro-blog] in the face of their own. Zhang Helun and Lang Heyan reveal the truth, lamented: "no matter how hard I choose, can be said to shady." "Deyunshe" Zhang Helun Lang Heyan "to" Guo Degang "observers" difficult: fear of being said as "cloud" in "shady" The Legendary Swordsman an uniquekind, Zhang Helun Lang Heyan, but this time the body for the job. In order to A new force suddenly rises. in the semi-finals, only two people out of the "master" Guo Degang "ridicule", also take Jay Chou as a new piece, "horse pole" version of the "blue and white porcelain", a song of good ink Jiangnan wind hazy, Leng sing the boundless prairie horse milk wine taste. Virtuous not avoid pro, Zhang Helun and Lang Heyan battle, as the "master" Guo Degang proud, but there is another "observers", "Guo Degang" to vote, can not help but committed. Look at "through the button", Guo Degang was always neat, hesitated, "according to my previous character, will give you a red press, such as fair, but by the end of the red, others say it is shady." "The Legendary Swordsman" discovered "murder" Meng Fanmiao Song Dandan appeared as the parent family recollections of tears as a comedy show, "The Legendary Swordsman" always laugh constantly. But tonight, several collapsed "bodies" to allow the audience can not help hair up with hair standing on end. Night came, the murderer has not been caught, the scene enveloped the atmosphere of terror, the truth is only one, "Conan" to the! Don’t look at the reduced "head Conan" Meng Fanmiao small, but after both intelligent and courageous, brain hole wide open, the reasoning and analysis, some corpse are found out their "magic". But what can let the murderer down? Whether the victim can get clear? First, when the 8 and 9 year old face Meng Fanmiao introduced she was 22 years old, let Feng Xiaogang [micro-blog] and Guo Degang and Song Dandan are all terrified, at the same time, Meng Fanmiao inspirational and optimistic, moved all the people. Into the semi-finals, Meng Fanmiao family also came to the scene to help out on the semi-finals. In the recording, saw his family support bear bitter hardships, behind, Meng Fanmiao sang a song copy from rolia’s "mother’s Day", let the audience all the tears ran, also let Song Dandan eyes glistening missing mother, unable to restrain the emotions. Tonight, who will become the champion, the third finalists winning players? Please pay attention to the Sunday night 20:55, CO produced by the Oriental TV media, the The Legendary Swordsman "joy 3". (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章:

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