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24 year old female college students "into the wrong line" 10 months illegal fund-raising about 4000000 female college students Wang Yao after graduation, into illegal fund-raising company embrace. Within ten months, Wang Yao caused 52 victims to lose more than 400 yuan of hard-earned money. Recently, the 24 year old girl was sentenced to 2 years’ imprisonment and fined 100 thousand yuan by the Gulou District Court of Nanjing city for the crime of illegally absorbing public deposits. Yangzi Evening News reporter correspondent Li Ziqing Luo Shuangjiang female college students recruited to illegal fund-raising company in October 2013, Pan Yong in Nanjing Zhongshan North Road No. 88 room 2313 incorporated the Shenyang Yongfu Investment Management Ltd. Nanjing branch (hereinafter referred to as Nanjing Yongfu company), engaged in illegal fund-raising activities. In June of the same year, Pan Yong also registered Nanjing Xin Shi Xin Industrial Company (hereinafter referred to as Qian Xin company), still engaged in illegal fund-raising activities. Wang Yao was born in May 1992 in Zhenjiang has not yet left the gate one sentence, she had not much social experience. After the Spring Festival in 2014, Wang Yao, who is about to graduate from University, sends his resume everywhere. In March of that year, Wang Yao’s permanent Nanjing company told her that she had been accepted. The interviewer sees the company blew as if it were raining flowers and told her, as long as the customer, help the company Dora to absorb funds, not only wages and bonuses, and performance royalty. After accepting brainwashing training, Wang Yao rushed into the field as a business manager and started what he called "work"". Under the leadership of Huang Yuting, Wang Yaogan was very active. She is in Shenyang City, Hong Shenbei New Area agricultural science and technology demonstration park project development funds on the grounds that promises to pay high interest, monthly interest rate of 3% to 36% per annum, not specific to the social public funds illegally. In addition, Wang Yao also held an investment promotion conference, issued leaflets, made phone calls, lured old customers to introduce new customers. In her short period of 10 months, she was involved in the illegal absorption of funds of 464 yuan to more than 52 yuan by the fund raising personnel. In 25 out of pocket Wanquan spit, was also sentenced to two years of Wang Yao created considerable achievement for the company, his salary plus bonus and commission income is considerable, less than a year, she fell into the pockets of up to 250 thousand yuan. In August last year, Wang Yao was arrested as the company failed to meet its commitment to investors’ principal and interest. As of the incident, Wang Yao caused a total of 52 people lost 403 yuan. In May this year, Wang Yao alleged crime of illegal deposits from the public, was indicted to the Nanjing Gulou District Court, hearing the case, Wang Yao’s relatives to exit the illegal income 250 thousand yuan. Recently, the drum tower court sentenced the case to the first instance. The court held that the defendant Wang Yao’s behavior constituted the crime of illegally absorbing public deposits, and the amount was huge. The court held that, although Wang Yao in others under the leadership of illegal fund-raising activities, but she was accused of illegal fund-raising number and amount, by herself alone or participate in, namely the implementation of all or most of the crime. Finally, the court made the aforementioned judgment on the basis of the facts identified and the circumstances of his voluntary surrender and voluntary confession. It was also learned that, in October 19th, Wang Yao’s boss

24岁女大学生“入错行” 10个月非法集资400多万   女大学生王瑶毕业后投入非法集资公司怀抱。短短十个月内,王瑶造成52名受害人损失血汗钱400余万元。近日,这名24岁的女孩被南京市鼓楼区法院以非法吸收公众存款罪,判处有期徒刑2年,并处罚金10万元。通讯员 李自庆 扬子晚报记者 罗双江   女大学生应聘到非法集资公司   2013年10月,潘勇在南京中山北路88号2313室注册成立了沈阳永富投资管理公司南京分公司(以下简称永富南京公司),从事非法集资活动。同年6月,潘勇又另行注册了南京乾仕鑫实业公司(以下简称乾仕鑫公司),仍从事非法集资活动。1992年5月出生的王瑶是镇江句容人,尚未离开校门的她没有多少社会经验。   2014年春节后,即将大学毕业的王瑶四处投送简历。当年3月,王瑶应聘的永富南京公司通知她,说她被录取了。面试人员把这家公司吹得天花乱坠,并告诉她,只要帮公司多拉客户、多吸收资金,不光有工资、奖金拿,还有业绩提成。王瑶接受了公司的洗脑式培训后,就以业务经理身份匆匆上阵,开始了所谓的“工作”。   在顶头上司黄玉婷领导下,王瑶干得十分起劲。她以沈阳市沈北新区博康农业科技示范园项目发展需要资金为由,许诺支付月息3%、年息36%的高额利息,向社会不特定公众非法吸收资金。此外,王瑶还召开投资宣传大会、发放宣传单、打电话、诱惑老客户介绍新客户。在她上岗的短短10个月内,共参与了对52名被集资人员非法吸收资金达464万余元。   落入口袋的25万全吐出,还被判刑两年   王瑶为公司创造了可观的业绩,自己工资加奖金及提成收入也相当可观,不到一年时间,落入她口袋的就高达25万元。去年8月,因该公司不能兑现对投资者的本息承诺,导致案发,王瑶也被抓了起来。截至案发,王瑶共造成52名被集资者损失403万余元。   今年5月,王瑶因涉嫌非法吸收公众存款罪,被公诉至南京市鼓楼区法院,案件审理中,王瑶的亲属代为退出违法所得25万元。近日,鼓楼法院对该案作出一审宣判。法院认为,被告人王瑶的行为已构成非法吸收公众存款罪,且数额巨大。法院认为,王瑶虽在他人领导下进行非法集资活动,但她被指控非法集资的人数及金额,均由她本人单独或参与完成,即实施了全部或大部分犯罪行为。   最终,法院依据查明的事实,并综合考量其自首、自愿认罪等情节,对王瑶作出前述判决。另据悉,10月19日,王瑶的上司黄玉婷因参与或领导他人对282名社会不特定人员非法集资3350余万元,造成被集资者损失2723余万元,被鼓楼区法院判处有期徒刑4年,并处罚金15万元。   法官告诉记者,在近年来鼓楼法院审理的多起非法吸收公众存款案中,类似王瑶这样见利忘法,为非法集资组织者打头阵的人不在少数,且以女性为多。(文中王瑶为化名)相关的主题文章:

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