24 days 8 when -18 Harbin Songbei area will be cut off for 10 hours-xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

24 days 8 when -18 Harbin Songbei area will be cut off for 10 hours life newspaper November 19th news reporter from the State Grid Harbin power company was informed that, due to the Songhua River Gongtie bridge construction project of power facilities Qiangai engineering, 24, 8 pm to 18 PM, Songbei part of the region will be a power outage. The power plant breeding range: residential areas, residential areas, residents of the brick, the sun Guangxin two team, a team of Dongming residents, and the lighthouse brigade north shipyard dam Cao home residents, residents, former sugar school children of residential areas, residential areas, Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology, sugar pine Pu pumping station, shipyard 630 residential areas, Matsuura residents Matsuura station area, residential area, residential area, street to makeshift residential areas, residential areas, 249 yards east red three or four team, red team, Oriental Oriental red team six, Dongfanghong two team, a team of Songhua River, Songhua River, the two team forest residential area, Songhua River residential area, residential area, Songhua River shipping cattle shop in residential areas, residential areas, many sugar Peng Food Co. Ltd, Harbin plastic factory, nine Provincial Fisheries Research Institute, Dongan, the Czech Republic, primary school ship thermal power construction company, Goldman investment area stop Electric. Tel: 87125530相关的主题文章:

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