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In 2016 the United States "index of medical conference extract – Sohu technology when you stand in line for four hours in the hospital waiting for expert outpatient service, whether imagined can take with holographic communication with doctors at home take comfort, then you will be sent to the drug vehicle door. In the district’s medical room, intelligent robots are being carried out for your neighbor resection of the cecum. Your cell phone is not only used to monitor your speed and heartbeat, calculate the calories you consume, but also monitor the possible signs of cancer. And when you buy health insurance, the insurance company will be based on your gene sequence and pricing. What is the future of health care? Last week in the United States held in San Diego, California index Exponential (Medicine) meeting may give us some inspiration. Index medicine is one of the "index" series hosted by University University (Singularity). "Index" is always the way of thinking of singularity University — when Moore law exponential growth of computing power, other aspects of social development including finance, manufacturing, medical and health undertakings should also be with this trend. A leading figure in this year’s Exponential Medicine invited a number of science and technology, medical, pharmaceutical and related industries in the participants to exchange the latest medical career development and medical and health undertakings in the future layout sketch. Singularity university is not a traditional university, but a Google, the United States National Space Administration (NASA) and the elite of the scientific and technological circles in 2008 to jointly set up a Silicon Valley think tank. It pays attention to the progress of science and the "index" of science and technology, to provide some educational projects and business incubators, designed to address the major challenges facing humanity. The name of singularity university is derived from one of its founders, the singularity theory proposed by Ray Kurzweil. Kurzweil, founder of the University of singularity Ray in the near future, the medical treatment will be transformed from a passive illness (sickcare) into active prevention of disease, attention to health (healthcare). As one of the pioneers of the human genome project and the pioneer of P4 (Systems Biology), Leroy Hood combines the thinking of systems biology and medicine, and puts forward the concept of "medicine". With the development of biotechnology and medical network, the future of health will have forecast (Predictive), preventive (preventive) and individual (Personalized), (participatory) the characteristics of participation. Other speakers of the conference introduced the latest science and technology, medical community network construction and other content also indicates similar trends. Leroy Hood delivered a keynote speech at the Exponential Medicine conference, the disease prediction相关的主题文章:

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