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17 year old girl in blood pressure soared to 280 if the accident is willing to donate organs (Figure) – Beijing this afternoon, Jingjing’s father in the ward sent a silk banner to thank for Zhu Yuchun. Sichuan Chengdu news network October 31st news (reporter Liu Peipei photo coverage) this afternoon, in the Department of Urology, West China Hospital of Sichuan bed, 17 year old Jingjing (a pseudonym) revealing a long lost smile, she said she was finally no longer a headache…… In July, Jingjing in West China Hospital diagnosed as adrenal pheochromocytoma, this disease let Jingjing age onset of hypertension, high blood pressure soared to the highest 280. At the same time, Jingjing also associated with bilateral carotid body tumors with left carotid artery atresia, the condition is very complex, in the West China Hospital stock three, the doctor did not dare to surgery. "I choose the operation, if there is an accident, I choose to donate organs." Jingjing is only 17 years old, the doctor is not willing to give up, decided to surgery, the doctor to seek Jingjing’s opinion, she said the above remarks. The 17 year old woman in blood pressure Biao to 280 disease complex appeared two times shock according to the deputy director of West China Hospital of Sichuan Department of Urology physician Zhu Yuchun introduced, Jingjing is 17 years old this year, suffering from adrenal pheochromocytoma. This disease is not uncommon in their department, do 80 – every year – 100 cases of surgery. Patients with the disease, the main feature is the occurrence of hypertension. Jingjing is only 17 years old, in the process of measuring blood pressure, high pressure soared to 280. Affected by this, Jingjing had two shock. Fortunately, the two have been rescued over. If not timely surgery, Jingjing may also appear shock, and can not guarantee that she is so lucky every time, at any time there may be life-threatening. Although adrenal pheochromocytoma is not uncommon, the condition is somewhat complex. Zhu Yuchun told the Sichuan news network reporter, Jingjing also has bilateral carotid body tumor and left carotid artery atresia. The risk of this disease surgery greatly, will lead to large pheochromocytoma catecholamine secretion, fluctuation of blood pressure in patients with paroxysmal, if resection of adrenal tumors, Jingjing is likely to appear intractable hypotension. Suppose the systolic pressure drop during the operation was 70 mmHg, the longer the hypotension, the greater the risk of cerebral infarction. If the drug boost, and may be due to high blood pressure, resulting in vascular burst. Double carotid body tumor may wrap around the nerves, blood vessels, but also the risk of neurovascular compression in patients with. "The problem is that the patient is not surgery, there is no hope; surgery, it is possible that the operating table." Zhu Yuchun said, because of these contradictions, the patients in the West China Hospital three three, has failed to undergo surgery, Kone discussed the result is also the risk is too high, will not consider surgery. Before surgery, the doctor said, "if there is an accident, I choose to donate organs," the risk of surgery is so high, but the patient is only 17 years old, should not be allowed to die young life. Based on this consideration, Zhu Yuchun decided to try again. "I ask the hospital do a consultation, can see new possibilities." In order to consult, Zhu Yuchun specially built a West China Hospital.相关的主题文章:

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