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17 year old girl alone to lose contact with their parents in Zhangzhou received a copy of the prosthesis (Figure), the daughter of the age of 17 calls from Zhangzhou, to remit $10 thousand in October 2nd, the 17 year old girl in Sichuan Xiao Lu, alone came to Zhangzhou from his hometown. And far from working in Guangdong parents do not know. The evening of October 5th, Xiao Lu’s father Luo received a phone call from her children, said she is now in Zhangzhou, sick, stomach pain, to send money to her family. October 6th, afraid of his family do not believe, Xiao Lu also sent a photo of her physical examination report, said she had appendicitis, surgery, so that his family remitted 10000 yuan to their bank card. The report shows that small dew is the second hospital in Longhai to do the inspection. Small dew to the parents of the examination report "feels she doesn’t speak freely, mobile phone could be controlled, each time just finished up, don’t let her talk with us," Mr. Luo doubt, daughter might be kidnapped, now people are controlled. Luo introduced her daughter is not yet over 17 years old, had to go to high school, but they do not want to read. On the eve of the school in September, her small dew call to tell their parents, do not read, and to learn to buy clothes in Luzhou. "I have not deceived, she confessed, that she came to the work place, also send us the address, let Mr. Luo did not expect that the daughter to Zhangzhou, even if the phone is not soundless and stirless, to ask for money, they are still in the dark. Small dew of relatives and parents in the photo physical examination report together is false, her daughter lost contact on October 6th, Mr. Luo and his family hurried to Zhangzhou, found the second hospital of Longhai city is located in the Longhai town of haicheng. However, they did not find small dew in the hospital’s medical records, check the signature of the doctor on the report also found no person. The hospital said, this is a false report. At this time, a small dew phone has been unable to get through, send text messages, WeChat are not back, even QQ is not online, where is she? Small dew photograph Mr. Luo increasingly worried, quickly reported 110. Haicheng local police station police on duty to understand the situation, but also to try to help find, but not what effective clues within the jurisdiction of the migrant population register there is no small dew. This morning, Mr. Luo back and forth in Zhangzhou, Longhai rush, hoping to seek help from the two levels of public security organs, but still no results. In the afternoon, Mr. Luo had to return to Guangdong disappointed, after two days, I will come over to find her daughter, but also hope that Zhangzhou has to see the good intentions of the small dew to the police, to help us find!" (Hoi reporter Chen Qingsong Ventura)相关的主题文章:

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