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117 small car 275 men punctured tires only in retaliation for the Beijing Property – Yang family car parked in the District, even by people will tire to tie broken. Later learned that the district has a total of 117 275 car tyres were Norte bad. In August 24th, with the Yuhong District People’s court announced the verdict, all The case is entirely cleared.. 117 275 car tyres were Norte bad Mr. Yang live in Yuhong District Hongtian crest area. The morning of December 18, 2015, Mr. Yang’s own car tires were found, check found after sharp tie traces of tire. Mr. Yang found property companies, found that many areas within the vehicle tyres were norte. According to statistics, there were 117 cars in the area of the day of the 275 tires were bad. After identification, is a bad bar tyres worth more than one hundred thousand yuan. Yuhong police involved in the investigation and evidence collection, locked the suspect man Zhang, also lived in Hongtian crest area. The owners have tyres in retaliation for the property in December 21, 2015, Zhang was arrested by the police. 62 year old Zhang is a retired person, and there are some disputes between residential property companies, there has been no time to pay property charges. The property company has Zhang to court, request to repay arrears of property charges. Zhang said the existence of the property company services are not in place and many other issues, do not agree to pay. Court verdict. Zhang has been looking for opportunities to brood on revenge. Zhang found that the small vehicles parked more, then want to the owners of a bad bar, let other owners discontent on the property company. Late in the evening in December 17, 2015, Zhang took a multi-purpose pliers, 117 cars will be bad for the 275 tires. After the incident, Zhang family and all the owners have reached a compensation agreement, made the victim’s understanding. At the discretion of the perpetrators were sentenced to three slow four Yuhong District People’s court that Zhang intentional destruction of property of others, a huge amount, his behavior constituted the crime of intentional destruction of property. Considering Zhang Ailing, truthfully confessed his crime, and actively compensate the victims of economic losses, and has made the understanding of victims, the law can be punished more leniently. Ultimately, the court sentenced Zhang to three years imprisonment, suspended for four years. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Wang Lijun相关的主题文章:

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