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What is men’s purpose in dating? Is it to impress women or just to be with her and know her better? There are so many reasons why men date women. For those who are just starting to have an intimate relationship, it is best to go out on a date to know her better. Impressing your lady love can be well executed during proper dates. Here are 10 tips the men should remember to get the woman he likes and to make an impression that will last: Take a shower or bath. Don’t be late. Be punctual. Prepare a gift for her. Always be a gentleman. .plement her. Try asking intelligent questions and listen to her. Start a good conversation. Never let her pay for the date. If she allows, give her a goodbye kiss. Tell her you’ll keep in touch if you want to see her again. The above tips are only some of the important things that a man should remember during dates. These simple tips might help you find your true love. These are just basic information though as you also need to show your date the kind of person that you are. Getting a second date will depend on how properly you act on the date. It also important to know the dating turnoffs that should be avoided. Here are 10 most popular turnoffs during dates: Never ever get drunk. Don’t shop around for women during date. Never start controversial topic that will result on debate It’s a no-no to bring someone during date. Turn off that disturbing mobile phone. Give her a chance to talk. Do not dominate the conversation. Don’t be a liar. Advise if you will be late. Do not make decision on your own, ask your date’s opinion. Do not eat like a pig. Dating is a lot of fun. You will have a second date if you remember the important tips and avoiding turnoffs. You can do this not only on your first date but during the .ing dates. First impression will always last, so do everything to right, especially to the succeeding dates. During first date men tend to be shy, silent and stupid as a result women will junk him on the first date. So be careful not to make or say anything that will tick your date’s off. It is best to be prepared when you go out of a date. Make preparations not only mentally but physically as well. Take time to choose the right attire that you’ll use. Make sure that what you’re wearing is appropriate not only for your date but also for the restaurant and/or place you’ll be having your dinner. Take time to choose you’re the shoes you’re wearing because for some reason, a lot of women are known to check their date’s shoes. And lastly, make sure that you’re bring cash. 相关的主题文章:

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