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1 million 600 thousand! Friends with the money to buy the car accidentally created a "most expensive kiss" the scene of the accident. From Yuzhong District Public Security Bureau News: Recently, Yuzhong Traffic and patrol police detachment shangqingsi police brigade received the alarm, said the people’s branch of accident. The police rushed to the scene, found two cars not on the license, the same type of black and white Benz car rear end, rear end of the front is white SUV to break the sidewalk lamp post. Two car owners Liu and Lee claimed to be good friends, together with the same paragraph to mention the different colors of the new car, in the people’s side of the road temporary parking, parking will be on the right side of the two tires on the sidewalk. After finishing, because two people bought a new car very happy, some hot Hot pot in the vicinity. After Hot pot ready to leave, the black SUV owners Mr. Li before getting on the wrong throttle as the brakes on black SUV side of the high side of lowland tivy, tail white SUV crashed into a parked in front of the car crashed into a lamppost in front sidewalk. Fortunately, Mr. Liu did not in front of the car, there are no pedestrians on the sidewalk. The rear of the car was damaged severely, the cylinder exploded directly. The car is not optimistic, the front bumper dented in the rear of the car was damaged. Black and white two cars are imported Mercedes Benz, the market price of $1 million 600 thousand per vehicle. The insurance company preliminary estimates, two car losses wuliushimo yuan, car repair time or more than half a year. Supernatant Temple brigade police Jiang Jingguan introduction, the two sides did not drink, two car is also about to expire Pro card. Police determined that the party responsible for the accident for the black car, all the losses incurred by car insurance. Contact municipal police on the street lamp maintenance related matters and accident compensation, and two drivers were negotiated. As of press time, the municipal department also gives the loss of a single offer. After the accident, the police carried out education for two people, points out the risks of accidents, both drivers are said to recognize their parking and not according to the practices of safe driving errors, and said a certain lesson. Video for extended reading, nothing to do with the text of Shenzhen: one million luxury car collided two wheels flew out of the road相关的主题文章:

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